Hi! Name’s Wes and I’m a freelance SEO content writer.

There are literally millions of us out there. So then, why choose me? I’m not the cheapest, and I’m surely not the most charming of the lot. However, here are some–surely you’ll agree–compelling reasons as to why we should work together:

  • English is my first language, so you’ll find complete and coherent sentences, and no awkwardly placed language in my articles.
  • I have a first-rate degree in business. That means I’m good at writing, and also really good at solving your problems. Honest.
  • My work is fast and accurate, and I meet my deadlines.
  • All of my content is original. It’s artfully crafted by my own hands.
  • I’m plenty easy to get along with and super easy to work with. (Yeah, I was just kidding about not being the most charming. I totally am.)

So if high quality, properly structured, grammatically correct articles that rarely need editing and are delivered on time are what you are looking for, then look no further. You’ve found me.


Need more proof? Have a look at some of my sample articles.